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Sedia da ufficio (kit seduta) X-Wing D003/Ne/B4R Italexpo

X-WING – D003/Ne/B4R

Mod. X-WING low back, black frame, mesh, without arms, fixed base

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Kit seduta per ufficio Modello X-WING D003/Ne/BR4 componenti Italexpo
N. Code Description
1 SHT002/Ne/Nv-00 X-WING low back, black nylon frame, black mesh, with lumbar support and metal plate assembled

Replace the last two digits of the code to change the color of the mesh (mouse hover)

2 SDS002 UNI/CONCEPT wooden seat PU foam, thickness 50 mm, density 60
3 SDW008 UNI plywood seat, 18 M6 T-nuts
4 SSP002/Ne UNI seat cover, nero PP
5 PSM012 X-Wing black painted up-down plate, with lever
6 AGM013/Ne Black gas lift D.50 mm, H.245 mm, stroke 125 mm, cone 72 mm
7 BAA337/Ne 4 leg black painted alluminium CONCEPT base, D.690, cone 50 mm pin 11 mm
8 ACP331/Ne Glider w/cap felt


Base CONCEPT 4R D.690 P.11 C.50 alluminio spazzolato Italexpo
AGM013/Cr Gas lift tubo D.50 H.245 Cr corsa 125 mm rastremata 72 mm Italexpo
BKY028/Ne ACU028/Ne Coppia braccioli MOON 1D Italexpo
9  BAA337 4 leg polished alluminium CONCEPT base D.690 cone 50 mm, pin 11 mm
10 AGM013/Cr Chromed gas lift D.50 mm, H.245 mm, stroke 125 mm, cone 72 mm
11 BKY028/Ne
Pair of MOON 1D arms, black nylon bracket, black TPU pad